Washington Village / Pigtown

The Baltimore Empowerment Zone extends over 6.8 square miles, covering three separate areas of east, west, and south Baltimore, and containing over 50,000 people and 2,000 businesses. The Empowerment Zone area covers 25 census tracts. The neighborhoods that make up the Empowerment Zone include: East Harbor, Historic East Baltimore, Harlem Park / Lafayette Square, Poppleton, Sandtown-Winchester, and Washington Village of Baltimore City. 


Washington Village Pigtown is in Southwest Baltimore and includes the neighborhoods of Barre Circle and Morrell Park.  Over the last several years, the neighborhood has gained new investment, particularly with the renovation and now new Montgomery Park Center.  Located in south west Baltimore, the neighborhood boundaries are the southeast corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Interstate 95, West on Interstate 95 to Baltimore & Ohio Railroad tracks, south and then west on the B&O tracks to Atlantic Avenue.  Follow tracks to Carey Street back to Pratt and Pratt to the southeast corner of Scott Street.


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